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KurlsPlus Pick

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Looking for a hair tool that is small in size but packs a punch?

The KurlsPlus Pick is great for short cuts or adding volume after a braid out, twist out, or roller set. It's the ideal styling companion for travelers or on-the-go girl who need to refresh their hair throughout the day.

Why it's different?

Fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

Small enough to take on the go

Uniquely designed, seamless teeth that work like your fingers for better styling and fluffing

How To Use

The KurlsPlus Pick is the tool that will give you volume and gentle detangling all in one tool. The Pick is designed to fit in your pocket, purse, travel bag, or any other small space that you need to tuck your beauty essentials into. With the KurlsPlus Pick, you get the same benefits of our uniquely designed teeth in a pick. You can use it to tease your hair into the perfect style once you are done detangling or fluff your curls while on the go.

Combining the pick with either of the other KurlsPlus hair tools will create a match made in curl heaven!

How to Clean: Clean with warm water and shampoo.

Heat Limit: 70-110 °c
Do not use with heat as it may damage the tool.


Material: Plastic

KAZMALEJE is certified Plastic Neutral. By funding rePurpose Global to remove as much plastic waste from nature as we use, every purchase of yours will now carry a Net 0 Plastic Footprint.

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