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KurlsPlus Comb

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Are you ready for a wide-tooth comb that is durable yet gentle on your hair and scalp?

Meet the KurlsPlus Comb. This Comb is great for detangling hair of all lengths that is medium to thick in density with minimal stress on your hair whether wet or dry. It's also great for raking through heat-styled curls to create a feathered look or detangling wigs/extensions without disrupting the curl pattern too much resulting in unwanted frizz. You can also use the tip on the end to section your hair while you detangle and style! Who doesn't love a great 2-in-1?

Designed for curls, coils, and kinks, but they work for all hair types.

    Why it's Different

    Uniquely designed, seamless teeth for easier detangling that work like your fingers

    Curved handle that forms to the natural grooves of your hand

    The pointed tip on the handle allows for parting/sectioning hair

    Comfort grip along the spine offers an alternative way for holding the comb

    How To Use

    On the tip of the handle is a sectioning tip that allows you to section your hair and detangle it all with one tool. You can also use it to gently comb through and feather your hair after it has been curled and styled. Once you are all done, you'll find that the KurlsPlus Comb is easy to clean!

    How to Clean: Use warm water and shampoo.

    Heat Limit: 70-110 °c
    Do not use with heat as it may damage the tool.


    Material: Plastic

    KAZMALEJE is certified Plastic Neutral. By funding rePurpose Global to remove as much plastic waste from nature as we use, every purchase of yours will now carry a Net 0 Plastic Footprint.

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