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Adjustable Headband with EdgeProtect™

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Snap Headband with EdgeProtect™ Technology | The EASY way to look great & protect your curls.

You want fun styles for your natural hair. Aaand you want exciting colors that match your chic vibe …

Problem is, most headbands on the market are too cheap and thin, and this results in an unattractive, bumpy look.

And worse, when you look closely into the mirror, you’re pretty sure your hairline is starting to thin. Ugggh.

Listen, most headbands on the market were not made for natural hair. They’re thin and contain cotton material that rubs against your edges and causes breakage.

Want to get a headband made for YOUR hair? Check out these features from the multitasking SwirlyCurly Headband with Edge Protect ™ Technology:

  • Tension-Free Styles - Because your Headband comes with three snaps, it’s adjustable to fit your head size without causing headaches.
  • Lay Edges - SwirlyCurly Headbands feature three snaps for easy removal so you don’t have to pull anything through your hair or mess up your edges.
  • Quick & Easy Styles - Wear one for a classic look or snap two or more together to create a chic “turban” style.
  • Protects Hairline - All Headbands feature Edge Protect™ Technology with a thick band to keep your edges soft and moisturized.

Ready to get into a sleek headband that works overtime to solve all your edge issues?

Skip down to choose your favorite colors and hit the buy button to add one or more headbands to your cart today.

What makes the Headbands different from other headbands?

The SwirlyCurly Headband will fit your head perfectly because it contains three snaps to adjust to your size. Snap two or more together to do even more creative styles. Your Headband also features Edge Protect™ technology to keep your edges soft and moisturized.

How do I use my Adjustable Headband?

How to Use: Unsnap all three snaps. Place around head and snap closed.
How to Adjust: Choose small, medium, or large fit by selecting one of three snaps.
Create a Larger Headband: Snap two headbands together for desired look.
Lay Edges: Wear across hairline to protect or lay edges.

How many come in a pack?

You'll receive one Headband per pack.

What is the return policy?

We offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for easy, hassle-free returns. All our products also come with a lifetime warranty. If you have any problems with your product, we will replace it for free.

What is the material?

Headbands are made of soft, stretchy yet strong material with a nylon/spandex fabric. They're gentle on your curls and your head but strong enough to last a lifetime. We also have a velvet option if you're feeling luxurious.

What are the dimensions?

21" Length x 2 3/4" Width

When will I receive my order?

Your package will leave the warehouse within 1-2 business days after placing your order. Standard shipping typically takes 7-14 days for U.S. orders. International orders usually take 14-21 days from the ship date.

What are the washing instructions?

Headbands are machine washable and dryer safe. Wash your headband to keep it clean and fresh.


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