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Flourish Hair & Scalp Herbal Infusion ( NUT FREE)
Flourish Hair & Scalp Herbal Infusion ( NUT FREE)


Flourish Hair & Scalp Herbal Infusion ( NUT FREE)

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Achieve longer, stronger hair and a nourished scalp with this amazing herbal infusion.  Recommended use:2-3 times a week on the scalp. Only 4-8 drops for the entire scalp, base on the thickness of your hair.


Our new Flourish Hair & Scalp Herbal infusion is a nutrient-rich, intensive handmade formula that infuses actual organic green tea leaves, hibiscus flowers and organic saw palmetto berries supporting length retention and nourishing hair follicles. This rich formula uses natural ingredients to decrease DHT on the scalp and follicles,  which has been shown to cause genetic hair thinning. The formula also uses natural ingredients such as actual green tea leaves and saw palmetto berries and essential oils to help stimulate the follicles and nourish the scalp for longer, stronger, healthier hair growth.

How To Use

Part the hair into sections, apply 1-2 drops to each partition and massage into the scalp. Do not rinse out. Use a maximum of 4-8 drops for the entire scalp. The treatment should be applied after washing and before styling. It can also be applied before bedtime or as needed. *Shake well before using. You may feel a tingling sensation when applying which is normal.

Recommended Use

2-3 times weekly on the scalp and massage into the scalp

Safe For

Natural hair, hair in tension styles (twists, braids, weaves, wigs etc.) Color treated, keratin treated, chemically treated hair, chemically relaxed hair, children, men.

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pumpkin oil, safflower oil, red ginseng extract, lemongrass, lavender, spearmint, green tea extract, saw palmetto extract, rosemary tea tree, saw palmetto berries, green tea leaves (*organic)