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De Palma Hydrating and Clarifying Facial Oil

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The Ode to Self De Palma oil is the missing piece to your skincare routine. Squalane and jojoba oil are key, moisture-locking ingredients that make this product an ideal sealant for drier-skinned types. But De Palma doesn’t stop at quenching thirsty skin cells. The combined effects of De Palma’s evening primrose oil and palmorosa oil reduce inflammation and calm breakouts, making De Palma a wonderful complement to your acne and hyperpigmentation-treating regimen. 

Product Details 

Who is this best for? 

The De Palma oil is best for anyone who suffers from acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation and dry skin. The jojoba oil in De Palma also makes this product suitable for those with oily skin, since it will penetrate to decrease excess oil and balance skin. 

What are the Key benefits? 

After using De Palma consistently, you will experience more hydrated skin and a clearer complexion. An added bonus - the ingredients in this oil are Certified Organic and made in small batches to maintain quality.

Why is it Adaya Approved? 

The quality ingredients in De Palma have forever secured a place in our hearts and beauty shelf. The carefully curated ingredients are free from filler additives that reduce the oil’s effectiveness. De Palma’s black currant oil is a powerful element that delivers high levels of antioxidants to your skin. Take our word for it, try De Palma’s Hydrating and Clarifying Facial Oil and your skin will love it as much as we do. 

Behind the brand? 

Ode to Self is a black-owned and female-founded company. Kimberlee, Ode to Self’s founder, intentionally created a simple and effective brand to cater to the unique needs of black women's skin. Ode to Self’s specially formulated products alleviate dryness, hyperpigmentation, and skin sensitivity. Ode to Self’s brand and products are a reminder to put yourself first by taking the time to nourish and protect the skin you’re in.

How to Use 

Facial oils are best used as the final component in a strong skincare regimen because they penetrate and seal in all of the previously applied moisturizers. 

Apply 2-3 drops into the palm of cleansed hands and massage into your skin for 15-30 seconds. Take your time when applying this luxurious oil for a few, daily moments of calm, relaxation, and rejuvenation.


Key Ingredients

Jojoba Oil


Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract

Black Currant

About the Ingredients

Based on ingredient ratings from the Environmental Working Group, 100% of the ingredients in this product are low in sensitivity.  

Learn more by clicking the ingredients below.   

Jojoba Oil Black Currant Seed Oil Evening Primrose Oil Rosehip Oil Sea Buckthorn Berry Extract Tocopherol  Palmarosa Plant Oil Squalane