3 Wellness Products to Help Relieve Your Stress

Stress has no room here. Let’s clear out your space.

Summer is quickly approaching, but it’s a bit challenging to bask in the sunshine right now. 

The world is spinning out of control, leaving us dizzy and distraught. Living through drastic events back-to-back is exhausting, and it may make you feel discouraged in your own respective space. 

Whatever season you find yourself in, it’s essential that you’re giving yourself the best TLC you can! Lauryn Hill said it best: “How you gonna win if you ain’t right within?”

Using that as a guiding mantra, we’re encouraging you to become more intentional with how you’re protecting your body and peace. 

A great first step to take for your wellness journey is to incorporate supplements into your daily routines. Supplements, along with healthy diets and habits, are key in supporting your overall health and wellness. 

Here are three supplements that are fantastic to take for managing and relieving stress: 

1. Balance My Stress Adaptogen Superfood Blend - Peak & Valley Co.

A blissful blend that tastes like chocolate and feels like peace, Peak & Valley Company’s Balance My Stress Adaptogen Superfood Blend is the perfect herbal mix to add to your morning cup of joy. 

This blend has a trio of key ingredients that have been curated to specifically support stress management: 

  • Ashwagandha - reduces the body’s stress response
  • Reishi Mushroom - enhances the immune system 
  • Eleuthero Rootincreases energy while also decreasing fatigue 

Start your morning off on a calm note by sipping this supportive blend. Whatever the rest of the day brings you…you’ll be ready and rested!

2. Destress Capsules - Rae Wellness

Being mentally-fatigued when you got moves to make is no joke. Fortunately, you can get your head out of the clouds and into clear skies with Destress Capsules from Rae Wellness. 

These vitamins were created with a powerful combination of natural ingredients (notably Ashwagandha, GABA, and Rhodiola Rosea Root) that are essential for promoting mental clarity and balancing calm moods. With this type of supplemental support, you’ll be in a more collective space to keep showing up for yourself. 

Additionally, if you’re looking to just relax and not have to worry about being productive, these can be taken at night to help support a good night’s rest!

3. Destress Ade - Golde

You deserve to be calm on-the-go. With Golde’s Destress Ade, relaxation will always be a sip and stir away!

Made with coconut water and real blueberry juice, the Destress Ade contains magnesium and lemon balm extract as their featured ingredients. These two ingredients are known to promote relaxation and overall stress relief, while also supporting a deeper sleep cycle. 

While you’re out and about, keep a Destress Ade packet on you for whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed or overworked. 

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