3 Reasons Why We’re Rocking With The Honey Pot Company

3 Reasons Why We’re Rocking With The Honey Pot Company

Yeah…our support for them isn’t slowing down!

The Honey Pot Company recently went viral after it was discovered the company had updated their ingredient labels. Along with that initial alarm, a rumor of ownership started to float around, insinuating that the company was no longer Black-owned.

We get the initial uproar, but we always know The Honey Pot Company. All of the businesses featured on Adaya Beauty are brands that we trust and support. Black-owned businesses are often not given the same grace as other companies, but we will never be too quick to turn our back on our own.

Let’s share a few friendly reminders of why The Honey Pot Company still deserves collective support:  

Reason #1: Plant-Derived Hygiene Products for Feminine Care 

For anyone who experiences menstrual cramps and symptoms, we know it can literally be killer pain. More often than not, there aren’t many brands that offer sanitary and hygiene products to help actually relieve the aches…until Honey Pot.

Since their launch, The Honey Pot Company only uses safe ingredients in all of their feminine care products. Providing true clarity, the company has an online directory that lists all of their ingredients and their respective descriptions, in addition to breaking down buzzwords commonly used in the industry. 

Reason #2: Backed By Science

The Honey Pot Company has a panel of advisors, cleverly labeled “The Pulse”. Composed of gynecologists, naturopathic practitioners, herbalists, and psychotherapists, this group of women act as guidance for both the Honey Pot team and consumers.

“The Pulse” is the ultimate safe space for support on all-things related to vaginal health and wellness. They’re playing a huge role in shaping the future of sexual health education. Science may often come across as confusing to those not in the field, but with this panel, they’re ensuring information is relayed and understood in a transparent manner.

In addition to learning from “The Pulse”, Honey Pot also has an online journal that provides articles and writings over a variety of topics, such as wellness, sex, and washes (and much more!).

Reason #3: The Sweetness of Giving Back 

For their “C.A.K.E.” initiative, Honey Pot sets aside 2% of their earnings each year to distribute across charities. “C.A.K.E.” stands for “connection”, “access”, “kindness”, and “education”, all essential factors that Honey Pot strive to implement while operating their business. 

There are a plethora of unfortunate and devastating circumstances that may leave someone who is in need of feminine care and hygiene products left out. With this type of intention, Honey Pot is providing a great service. It’s admirable; it’s inspiring; and it’s all the more reason why Honey Pot is a phenomenal company to support.

We’re proud to host The Honey Pot Company on Adaya Beauty’s platform, and we look forward to continuing our working relationship with them!

Here are all of The Honey Pot Company products we have available on our site: 

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