3 Essential Products You Need When Starting Your Natural Hair Journey

3 Essential Products You Need When Starting Your Natural Hair Journey

Starting Your Natural Hair Journey? These Are the 3 Essential Products You Need! 

Happy hair (product) shopping.

Welcome to the natural hair life! We must admit…it’s pretty nice over here.

It can also be pretty overwhelming if you’re not sure where to start for your natural hair journey. No worries; we got you and your curls covered!

Outside of a delightful duo of shampoo and conditioner, here’s a few hair care products that are good to keep on hand for your natural hair journey: 

Oil and/or Serum 

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Let’s clear up a curly rumor that’s been floating between the natural space: oil itself will not moisturize your natural hair.

Oil will, however, help your natural hair retain moisture to keep your curls nice and juicy!

Oil is a sealant, and in the true sense of the word, it keeps moisture nice and sealed into your hair strands. You can use your preferred oil as the last step of your natural hair care routine (directly after applying a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer).

Additionally, you can also use oil as a pre-poo treatment! (Pre-poo treatments are used to give your natural hair a cleansing before washing with an actual shampoo.)

Deep Conditioner 

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A deep conditioner is honestly one of the best hair products a natural hair honey can get their hands on!

There’s plenty of reasons to regularly deep condition your hair: 

  • Gives your natural hair delicious hydration and moisture
  • Keeps your natural hair healthy and happy 
  • Protects your strands from getting damaged

To achieve your desired hair health, deep conditioning is definitely a major step you don’t want to miss! 

Styling Cream 

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With the right styling cream stocked in your hair product collection, all of your hairstyles will be ready to shine with gorgeous definition.

After you moisturize your natural hair, follow up with a styling cream as one of your last finishing touches. This will bring out your natural definition without weighing your strands down.

Additionally, if you want more definition, you can switch out a styling cream for a gel. As long as there’s moisture beforehand and you’re not too product-heavy, your natural hair will stay protected and hydrated with the ultimate definition!

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